Wellbeing Martial Arts

About us:

Our mission at Wellbeing Martial Arts, is to improve the well-being of our students, their families and the community at large through the thoughtful teaching of martial arts.

Our karate school name, Goju Seishin Karate-do refers to building a strong spirit through the practice of karate. Having studied karate since 1978, Geoff Jackson established Wellbeing Martial Arts in 2015. Catering for all age groups from 5yo to adults, we specialise in making karate accessible to school aged children. Our professional instructors work with students to develop their knowledge and skills with a keen focus on promoting the broader health benefits of karate and martial arts practice in daily life.

Servicing the Sunbury region, Wellbeing Martial Arts teaches karate according to the principles of the  Goju Kensha system developed by Tadahiko Ohtsuka Sensei. The system incorporates both Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu karate styles. We also teach Internal Kung fu – Tai Chi, Hsing I and Bagua as part of our program.