Nippon Den Kempo Junseikan International-North Balwyn

About us:

Nippon – Den Kempo Goju – Ryu International is the result of more than forty years of constant training within the Goju Ryu style.

There have been many wonderful Japanese Masters from various Goju – Ryu organisations that have contributed to the development of our Club over this period of time. The most important contribution to our club development was Tomoharu KISAKI Sensei (9 Dan), the Master of the Goju – Ryu Yuishinkan Dojo of Osaka. Japan.

In 1984, our instructor, John INGHAM, went to Japan for the first of many trips to extend his karate knowledge and trained in the Yuishinkan Dojo. John was then invited by KISAKI Sensei to study kata with him in private lessons. The kata training John received was the same as KISAKI Sensei was taught by Chojun MIYAGI Sensei. This private training continued until KISAKI Sensei’s death in 1996. KISAKI Sensei was a direct student of Chojun MIYAGI Sensei, the founder of Goju Ryu Karate – Do. KISAKI Sensei was a real Master of Goju Ryu Karate – Do.

Our club is fortunate to have a direct line from Chojun MIYAGI Sensei to Tomoharu KISAKI Sensei and then to John INGHAM.