Goju-Ryu Ryusyokai

About us:

The strength of the Goju Ryu Australia Okinawa Goju Ryu Ryusyokai
style of karate is in its balance of historical traditions with modern-
day approaches.

Goju Ryu (meaning ‘hard-soft style’) is the basis of our system. A
theory that has been expanded over centuries, its roots are
traceable to the small island of Okinawa.
On numerous occasions our team of instructors have trained in
Okinawa, the birth place of karate. They bring a wealth of
knowledge to students who wish to learn traditional Okinawan
karate do and instil life skills in discipline, respect, self-control,
coordination and self defence.

We have established a karate dojo that follows the traditional
teaching methods with a modern approach to exercise and body
mechanics, while always conforming to martial art principles.

GRA’s head instructor is Sensei Sal Ebanez who pioneered
Australian karate do. Having started his karate training in Hawaii in
1961 before being drafted into the army for two tours of Vietnam,
Sensei Sal then arrived in Australia and commenced teaching in
1970. Sensei Sal soon established himself as a strong karateka,
conducting classes that only the strongest continued with.

Our clubs head instructor, Michael Doyle Sensei, established the
Numurkah dojo in May 1986. Sensei Michael was introduced to
karate in the 1960s and has been training in the style of Goju since
1973. Sensei Michael has completed various sports training courses
and holds a Gold Coaching qualification from the Australian Sports