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Berwick Karate

About us:

Welcome to Berwick Karate Self Defence In the City of Casey.

Welcome to our website, on this site you will be able to look at the latest News, Events, Timetable, and Information about Sensei Nerida Field  4th Dan.

Berwick Karate was established in 2005 and since has grown to a full time Dojo. It is the most respected full time karate school in the “City of Casey” covering Berwick, Narre Warren, Beaconsfield, Officer, and Cranbourne teaching self defence In the city of Casey.

Shou Kei Ryu was developed incorporating three different styles of karate ( Traditional,  Kumite and Kata ) with analysing the principals and mechanics of each technique it created a globally recognised style (Shou Kei Ryu). Karate delivers Discipline, Confidence, Respect, and Etiquette. It will also enable your child to defend his/herself against being bullied!.

Berwick Karate offers many benefits for Children, Adults, we promote self-esteem, early socialising skills, Karate improves health and fitness whilst developing mental and physical strength.

Karate can reshape your life both physical and mentally. The journey from Beginner to Black Belt can have many exciting challenges why not start  NOW.