About Us

It is the aim of Karate Victoria to provide our members with the opportunity to pursue excellence and success in both individual and team settings. We do this by offering athletes the chance to compete at state, national and international levels across tournaments that include the Senior World Championships, the World Cup , Cadet/Junior/U21 World Championships and Karate1 Premier League events.

Karate Victoria’s involvement in these and many other tournaments is powered by our affiliation with organisations such as the Australian Karate Federation (AKF), the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC). These relationships, along with our access to AIS facilities and support, give both our recreational and elite athletes the chance to find the best in themselves.

Karate Victoria stands by the principle that constant development and improvement of both body and mind distinguishes karate-do from other sports. It is through the reinforcement of karate-do’s traditional values – respect, honesty, loyalty, discipline, trust, perseverance and courtesy – along with our provision of coaching accreditation courses (KIA), seminars and training clinics that provides the environment necessary for individuals to succeed and excel.