Melbourne Karate Clubs

About us:

We may be led by a two-time world champion but at Blackburn Karate we are about much more than winning.

Unlike other sports, karate is about developing grit and character as much as physical skills and strength. Encouraging effort and perseverance, resilience and heart, our programs help students stay focused, exercise self-control and make good choices.

We are home to a thriving local karate community, including many families where mum, dad and all the kids participate in classes throughout the week. With over twenty-four years of teaching experience, our lead instructors have had the pleasure of watching many students grow from children into successful adults, excelling with determination and humility.

We are proud to deliver programs that encourage, inspire and challenge our students and give them the skills to thrive in any endeavour. Give us a call, come down to our training centre and find out more about being part of our karate community.

The History of Our Style

Shukokai – ‘Way for all’

Karate as a martial art was cultivated on the Japanese island of Okinawa during the 19th century.

The two main strands of karate in Okinawa consisted of the Shuri-te system and the Naha-te system. The Shuri-te system, from where Shotokan karate derived, was known for its long range techniques and lengthy stances, while the Naha-te system, from where Goju karate derived, was known for its shorter technique and close-in fighting ability.

Kenwa Mabuni Sensei ( 1889-1952) trained under both systems, and from his studies, took the best aspects from each to form what is known as the Shitoryu style of karate.

Shukokai karate evolved from the Shitoryu style and was developed over a number of years by Chojiro Tani Sensei, a student of Kenwa Mabuni. Shukokai was developed to be more combat effective and is probably the most popular of all the Shitoryu styles practiced throughout the world today.