Gensei-Ryu Karate Do Australia

About us:

Karate, Defence & Martial Arts

Of course we teach traditional and sports karate. Our emphasis is on empowering people to be better leaders, decision makers and ultimately just “better people”.

We also offer a variety of self defence courses and classes in different types of weaponry and defence against weapons, such as IaiJutsu and knife defence.

School Programs and outreach

We have a highly successful team of instructors who have years of experience in teaching in various school environments, whether they be part of an after school care program or holiday programs. Many schools currently use us to provide a sports and fitness alternative that also helps children become the leaders of tomorrow.


We always try to give back to the community, hence why we are awarded community service awards and ensure that many students from disadvantaged back grounds are catered for and looked after. Talk to us about how we can make a difference in your child’s life today. You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of Karate.

in National and International Karate tournaments at the highest levels, who ultimately bring their experience back to the dojo for us to learn from. We are in direct communication with Sensei Paul Mitchell, an 8th Dan Hanchi who provides us with astounding courses. There are also opportunities for students to compete with opponents from other countries through our international organization.

Shukokai Karate Association (ASKA) is Affiliated to: World Karate Federation (WKF), Shukokai World Karate Association (SWKA), Seikukai, Sangokan, Samurai Karate International, Australian Karate Federation (AKF), Karate Victoria, Queensland Karate Association Inc., Australian Karate Federation WA Inc., & AKF Tasmania.